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School for Girls by Philip Mercier

Posted by on April 12, 2016

School for Girls_Philip Mercier (circa 1689-1760)Philip Mercier (circa 1689-1760)

Detail: school, school master, neck cloth, book, ink, inkwell, quill, students, floral hat, gown, hair, chair, table

4 Responses to School for Girls by Philip Mercier

  1. Morgan Gardner

    Uh huh.
    I’d keep an eye on that school master if I were a parent.
    The girl in the blue dress is not helping the situation either.

  2. Karen Harris

    Looks to me like a feather hat, along the lines of

  3. CoraVee Caswell

    Sleazy old man! Ones eyes go to him even hidden appropriately in the shadow. The girl looking at us seems to want to tell us a story, perhaps what he said to her. The girl being examined has a lot of self-control, but doesn’t appear to be enjoying the situation. Her right hand appears to be clenched. I love the hat! covered with white feathers, which are then painted with flowers and fruit! A Milliner reenactor should have one for sale! The girls in general so resemble 21st century girls in expression and reaction. The artist has caught them well. I wonder if his sister or wife had had this experience at school.

  4. Steve U

    Could this be a medical examination? He appears to be a parson or doctor.

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