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Portret van Aernout van Beeftingh by Nicolaes Muys 1797

Posted by on February 6, 2016


Nicolaes Muys (1740-1808) from Het Rijksmuseum

Details: Man, Woman, Child, Table, Stool, Brasier, Heater, Rug, Books, Folio, Toys, Breaches, Stockings, Trousers, Shoes, Coats, Basket, Dress, Stole, Hat, Neck Ruff, Cravat, Jewlery, Chair, High Chair, Wig, Fichu, foot warmer


3 Responses to Portret van Aernout van Beeftingh by Nicolaes Muys 1797

  1. Kathy Ruse

    Isn’t that a “pudding cap” on the head of the child in the high chair?

  2. clearn

    You should add “breast feeding” to the tags for this one. Seeing that surprised and delighted me. So much love in this one!

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