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Three Beggars by Giacomo Ceruti 1736

Posted by on January 26, 2016


Giacomo Ceruti (1698–1767)

Details: Shoes, Gators, Spats, Hat, Cocked Hat, Flop Hat, Beggar, Poor, Man, Woman, Beard,  Cane, Walking Stick, Coat, Patches, Hood, Capote, Table, Stool

5 Responses to Three Beggars by Giacomo Ceruti 1736

  1. Judith

    according to the History of Spats, the man wearing the spatterdashes might well have been a former soldier. The spats were originally used for military officers to keep the mud off their boots. Could this gentlemen now a poor beggar have once held a high military position? Perhaps injured in battle?

  2. Judith

    the beggar who is sitting could possibly have been a mariner for the military as his hat seems to portray from what I could find. Any thots?

    • Judith

      the wide cuff of the coat for the man sitting is seen on the coats for mariners. The hat for the standing gentleman I found a very interesting site showing both the men’s hats having been found in a bog in Ireland. not quite half way down is the information. Intriguing~

  3. David Atlas

    For this period it likely would have been the English Army, the Marines were not well established and the few there were wore army uniforms so it would be impossible to tell the difference. He likely would have been a regular soldier, gators were worn by all soldiers and served to keep things out of your shoes.

  4. David Atlas

    Disregard that actually, I was not thinking. This is an Italian artist and so this would be the Italian military. I need to do a bit more research on their uniforms and get back to you.

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