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The Tradeswoman by Peter Snijers

Posted by on July 29, 2015

The Tradeswoman_Peter Snijers(1681-1752)_Peter Snijers (1681-1752)

Detail: boy, Monmouth cap,  ram, rope, wood tub, flower pot, tulips, fish, fruit, apples, basket, work clothing, apron, cloth cap,  market, channel, house

6 Responses to The Tradeswoman by Peter Snijers

  1. Parker Brown-Nesbit

    At last, a depiction of the “lesser sort”! Hurrah!

  2. keith

    Back half of what looks like a Salmon, [cheaper part of fish] in the Woman hand. Looks like Salmon in the basket, Also looks like 2 smoked trout with the fruit. Looks like a fishing town. The woman with the tail of fish might be buying from the woman siting. The boy with the ram could be selling or buying?

  3. Willena Jennings

    The wear and tear on the subjects clothes shows a difference in class between the woman sitting and the woman and boy standing…….

  4. Nancy Taylor

    The flowers look like Crocus which come in the early spring – sometimes as early as late February.

  5. Donald Guénen

    From his biography: “Snyers painted a series of twelve paintings, each representing a different month of the year. This series is regarded as the masterpiece of the artist and never left his studio during his lifetime. The paintings in the series are genre paintings which include a representation of each month by its astrological sign.”

    This one must be the month of April (the Ram)

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