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The Pancake Cook by Adriaan de Lelie

Posted by on July 23, 2015

The pancake cook_Adriaan de Lelie(1755-1820)_Adriaan de Lelie (1755-1820)

For more detail, Kevin and I go talk about this painting in this video.


Detail: tea pot, hearth, tile floor, ladies shoe, foot warmer, fry pan, large jar, basket, plate, apples, onions, table , rag, pitcher, cook, servant, simple servants clothing, apron, mens hat,  smoking pipe, fire lighter, ember bowl, fireplace chain, bellows, short gown, shawl, cape, ladies cloth cap, brass frying pan, bird cage, door, window, curtain, ceiling hook, food, pancake

11 Responses to The Pancake Cook by Adriaan de Lelie

  1. Tracey Randle

    Hi Jon Just to say the Pancake cook image doesn’t show up on your website and the URL link takes you to page not found. All the bestTracey Tracey RandleResident Historian Museum van de CaabSolms-Delta

    • Jon Townsend

      Thanks – I messed up the scheduling in wordpress – It will be public soon.

      • Tracey Randle

        Thanks so much Jon. This painting has been making me chuckle all week! The exasperated look on this woman’s face as she tries to keep up with the demand for pancakes, and the ‘kids’ impatiently waiting…some things are timeless 🙂

  2. grandmavitamin

    I love looking at these paintings you send. What is the metal ring on top of the basket of apples by the onions. Thanks . Yvonne

    Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 11:18:17 +0000 To:

  3. Morgan Gardner

    I’m wondering about the function of the hook in the ceiling. For a lantern at night perhaps?
    Thanks, Jon for the recent posts. These are wonderful sources for us as we work on our personas; a studied look into the past as our ancestors actually saw it. Thanks so much!
    Morgan Gardner

  4. Paul Anderson

    What was the purpose of the box on the wall below the painting?

    • Patricia Brown

      The hook is large and would most likely be a hook for meat, such as ham. It is a focal point of the painting so I believe it is meant to show that the pancake woman is out of meat and only has apple or onion pancakes to sell the woman. The boy seems to be looking in to see what his mother is ordering. Perhaps a treat for Christmas?

    • Patricia Brown

      The box on the wall is most likely a salt box. They were commonly mounted in kitchens. I imagine the salt was used for extinguishing grease fires as well as for seasoning. Salt was inexpensive and easy to replace so it would not have been in a locked cabinet with the other spices.

  5. poor hunter tim

    As for the hook, I believe that it is on rollers and if you stare hard enough there is a beam that it runs on. don’t know why, but it is neat.

  6. Peter Fife

    Perhaps the curtain on the door not only kept smoke out of the rest of the house but also excluded drafts in the kitchen.

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