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The Pancake by Cornelius Visscher

Posted by on April 26, 2013

The Pancake_Cornelius Visscher(1520-1586)_Cornelius Visscher (1520-1586)

Detail: fire, kitchen, fry pan, trivet, pan, ceramic pot, spoon, jug, boy, cat, pancake, food, bench, fire tongs, pipe, meat, lantern, oil lamp, cabinet, basket, bottle, knife, bag

5 Responses to The Pancake by Cornelius Visscher

  1. Sandra Tarbox

    Interesting turning she has in her hand

  2. Morgan Gardner

    The kitchen looks pretty much like the one at our house!

  3. Laureen

    Looks like hams hanging from the ceiling shelf. What is the man at the door holding? A blunderbust?

  4. Mirko

    There is a big mistake about the artist. Cornelius (or Cornelis) Visscher birth date is 1629 and death date is 1658

  5. Brian

    So what is the old man in the door carrying looks like a blunder bus? I’m also wondering what is the thing that appears to be floating in the air by the old man lighting his pipe?

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