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Left Side Detail – Village Politicians by David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach 1813

Posted by on January 8, 2013

Left Side Detail - Village Politicians_David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach_1813painter – David Wilkie (1785 – 1841) and engraver – Abraham Raimbach (1776 – 1843)

Another piece to the puzzle.   Does any have an idea about the bottle on the string?

Detail:  broom, barrel, bowl, chair, newspaper, spectacles, funnel, candles, beer bottles, bird cage, bottle on string, tavern, door, door latch

8 Responses to Left Side Detail – Village Politicians by David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach 1813

  1. pam

    OK…an intrusion of 21st Century Plow and Hearth here…Wonder if it’s some sort of fly or bee trap?

  2. Donna Manke

    I agree with Pam. I would say its a fly/bee trap.

  3. Susan Andersen Bedwell

    Or perhaps just a fly repellent (as opposed to trap), as described here

  4. Omer Alexander

    Bottle on a string……….Some say it doesn’t work but a plastic bag with water in it will keep flys away from a small area (we keep one out side the kitchen door, it works). They may be doing the same thing.

  5. sgt42rhr

    Door, door latch

  6. John Britton

    The Bottle with the string is a fly trap My grand mother had on in our house when I was a kid. also at the museum I volunteered at also had one on display. they also had one for bed bug it look like a pot with a funnel on top.

  7. Tad Sorrells

    I agree with the fly trap or wasp/bee trap line of thinking. Ones I have seen have a bottom opening that funnels up into the main cavity. Water is added, creating a small moat around the funnel where the insects eventually drown. I believe it is because they easily fly up through the entrance, but have a hard time finding their way out. The top would be corked.

  8. Joel Dennis

    The bottle on a string is a fly trap, my Grand mother had one that belonged to my Great Grandmother. Her’s was a mason jar that had a special top that went on it, you put sugar water in the bottom and the fly’s could get in but not out. I also remember her doing the trick with a glass Coke Bottle.

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