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Woman Darning Socks – Adrian de Lelie 1817

Posted by on December 13, 2012

Woman Darning Socks by  Adrian de Lelie(Holland1755-1820)_1817

Adrian de Lelie (1755-1820)

Detail: sock, darning, darning egg, table chair, tea pot, cup, saucer, oil lamp, scissors, pitcher, woman’s clothing

4 Responses to Woman Darning Socks – Adrian de Lelie 1817

  1. eddie s....

    I do not think that is a darning egg..but the ball of yarn. I have seen my Grandmothers Darning Egg from 1864 and it has a wooden handle to hold and the egg to slide over the sock, so I would suspect the Darning egg is in the ladies hand inside the sock….

    • Nora Qudus

      it is a ball or yarn, the darning egg is inside the sock…at least that is where I use it since I can and do darn socks!

  2. Gail Martin

    I note that the sock is seamed, not knitted in the round.

  3. H

    I have my grandmother’s darning mushroom. It is wooden and shaped, not surprisingly, like a mushroom. It is used inside the sock to create and solid even surface to sew against making a neat darn. The foot part of a sock needs to be darned smoothly or it is very uncomfortable to wear. Does the use of an egg or mushroom vary according to the country? I have not heard of an egg before.

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