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Still Life – Hoogstraten 1666

Posted by on April 24, 2012

17th century Still Life by Samuel Van Hoogstraten Ca 1666

Samuel van Hoogstraten   1627 – 1678

The realism of this type of painting is just stunning.  Boy that marbled notebook looks familiar.

Detail:  marbled paper, scissors, chain, cameo, comb, paper, quill, pen knife, marbled notebook, book, folding knife, medal, letter, sealing wax, spectacles, leather thong.

3 Responses to Still Life – Hoogstraten 1666

  1. Tim Bushong

    That is simply amazing, and what a great example of the Dutch masters’ love of God’s created world.

  2. Barber Surgeon

    Notice the wire-rimmed glasses in the upper right hand corner! Interesting!

  3. John Britton

    The Artist did a great job on this I cant tell if a painting or pic obviously a painting but looks like a pic to me.

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