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The Reapers – James Ward 1800

Posted by on April 11, 2012

James Ward, 1769-1859   from the Yale Center for British Art

Detail: horse, tack, dog, tin pitcher, runlet, baby, crops, cloth cap, workers, shoes, great coat, hat, shirt,  fichu, mitts, straw hat.

One Response to The Reapers – James Ward 1800

  1. Jennifer Emmons

    This is a great painting to use to demonstrate how the lines of dress changed faster among the wealthy/townsfolk compared to the more rural/working people. The woman’s dress astride the horse is already showing the higher waistline that contiues into the Empire/Regency period while the woman working among the sheaves is attired in clothing more akin to the end of the American Revolution. wonderful stuff!

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