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At The Artists Studio – Jan Jozef Horemans II

Posted by on March 30, 2012

Jan Jozef Horemans II  1714 – 1790

I am guessing the main subject is the artist helper doing the drudgery of grinding pigments since he is wearing worker clothing and his wife is lower class clothing, but I am not so sure about the child’s clothing and I really don’t know what the creepy guy is doing the in the background.

Details: coat, pallet, bottles, barrel, shoes, shirt, women’s clothing, child, cloth cap, dog, painting, chair, apron, drinking glass.

3 Responses to At The Artists Studio – Jan Jozef Horemans II

  1. Jennifer Emmons

    Perhaps the child belongs to the woman having her portrait done and the wife of the artist’s assistant is looking after her. The child’s clothing certainly are a contrast to both of them. I agree that the guy lurking in the background is just really bizarre.

  2. Joyce Bucci

    I think the “creepy” guy in the background is painted on the wall mural.

  3. Kara Moore

    Oh I get it. The “Creepy guy” in the background is a parson. He’s going shhhhhh, because the lady of the house likes the hard working guy. The kid is his,but shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

    She is handing him a glass of water. But look at the cupid statues above them. They are lovers and not necessarily married to each other.

    The “Creepy guy” has a statue of folded hands in prayer beside him”.

    The painter is busy with painting another woman, so all of this is going on behind his back.

    The painter obviously hasn’t become well-known yet, he’s still poor socially.

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