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A Girl Bundling Asparagus – Atkinson 1771

Posted by on March 26, 2012

A Girl Bundling Asparagus - Atkinson 1771John Atkinson, active 1770-1775  from Yale Center for British Art

We are back in the kitchen with Atkinson again.  This painting is chock full of interesting items to study.

Detail: produce,garden tools, washtub, wood bucket, carrots, lettuce, asparagus, baskets, pottle basket, fruit, grapes, table, cabinet, pitcher, jug, basin, mug, lantern, birdcage, bowl, storage jar, bags, bench, ladies clothing, bird, onions,  shovel, stairs, knife, hinges, shoes.

0 Responses to A Girl Bundling Asparagus – Atkinson 1771

  1. Frances Townsend

    I wonder if this is really asparagus or some other plant, since all of the other fruits and vegetables are from late summer or early fall. But whatever it is, it appears to have been raised by covering it up to keep it white. Asparagus is sometimes grown that way now and it might extend the season.

  2. Emily

    If you click the picture it blows it up for you. You can see it is asparagus, and that there is another bundle of it on the floor by her feet. Depending on where you live, you can sometimes get several cuttings of asparagus and some quite late in the fall.

  3. Bambino

    I can’t speak about England, but asparagus is only eaten white in Germany. I am not a fan of either, so I don’t know how the taste differs.

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