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Still Life with Oranges and Walnuts – Melendez 1772

Posted by on March 20, 2012

MELÉNDEZ, Luis  1716-1780

A beautiful still life to brighten our morning.  I am looking carefully at the construction technique on the boxes and the keg bands also the paper seals on the jugs.   Detail: oranges, walnuts, melon, wood box, round wood box, small keg, redware jug, paper seal, table, dish.

0 Responses to Still Life with Oranges and Walnuts – Melendez 1772

  1. Michael J. Glaze

    This is almost as sharp as a still life photo.. Great work. The lighting would suggrest a window light source… of almost full sun. After looking at it, I can’t decide if it is full sun or slightly hazy sun. Great picture.

  2. Alexandra H.

    Hello, I wonder if the rectangular wooden boxes contain Spanish “turron”? Turron is classic holiday confection that was typically made and sold in wooden boxes of the same shape. I believe it originated in Alicante in the 1500s. The oranges, a symbol of winter/holiday hospitality in Spain and France, the walnuts, as well as the squash, all suggest winter holidays/Christmas. Beautiful! We were lucky visit an exhibit of Melendez food stills a few years ago at the Boston MFA, and it was breathtaking! Thanks for posting!

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