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Scene in a London Street – Collet 1770

Posted by on March 16, 2012

John Collet, ca. 1725-1780, British from Yale Center for British Art

Of course this one is so full that I won’t even try to mention everything.  It reminds me of Hogarth.  Don’t miss the dressed up dog.   Detail: jackets, sedan chair, sailors, striped caps, ladies hat, pottle baskets, swords, dirk, dogs, great coat,  neckwear, chimney sweep, striped knit caps.

0 Responses to Scene in a London Street – Collet 1770

  1. Ms. Pammy

    On the right hand side…what is the large box with doors…and why is the young woman putting $ in the hat? Is it some kind of “peep show”?

    • basil

      She is paying the men who are carrying her in the sedan chair, which operated mush like taxis, you could rent for the journey/hour day.

      • Ms. Pammy

        Yes…see my subsequent reply…it took me a minute to figure it out…but I could see it better once I made picture bigger! Old eyes!!!!

  2. Ms. Pammy

    Ahhh….hold for drum roll….it’s seeming to be part of the sedan chair…which is a right curious configuration…

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